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Welcome To Paradise

Atascadero's Premier Memory Care Assisted Living
in San Luis Obispo County

Paradise Valley Care has provided superior memory care assisted living in Atascadero to seniors with dementia and Alzheimer's since 1999. Family founded, owned, and run, Paradise Valley Care cares for every resident with dementia and Alzheimer’s as if they were our own family. Our beautiful, 15-bed home on 3 acres in west Atascadero provides a beautiful, enjoyable, and secure environment while our staff provides highly trained, personalized 24/7 awake care.

Assisted Living Home Like Environment - Paradise Valley Care - San Luis Obispo Memory Care

Like Home

Our mission is to provide excellent, personalized elder care with love and compassion, so that you can get back to being a family and not the caretaker. You can rest assured that your loved one is being cared for by highly trained, loving caregivers in a superior facility. We welcome visits and tours – call today to visit our outstanding home-based memory care facility!

Atascadero Memory Care Assisted Living - Central Coast Paradise Valley Care

Memory Care

For nearly two decades we have worked with individuals whose memory is not what it used to be. From mild memory loss to dementia to Alzheimer’s, we are licensed to care for your loved one with respect and dignity. We treat your family like family as you walk through the process of aging and memory loss.

Why Choose Paradise?

Compassionate Memory Care

Memory loss can bring about changes in a loved one’s personality and behavior...

High Staff/Resident Ratio

All of our friendly staff are trained by industry experts and are experienced in caring for residents through all stages of dementia...

Engaging Activities

Engaging activities are extremely important for memory care.


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